Thursday, September 5, 2013

Riverstar by Tess Thompson

Make- up artist to the stars, Bella Webber returns to her home town of River Valley to film the next movie.   When she returns home she finds Ben Fleck, an old lover that she has not gotten over, giving her the cold shoulder but the sparks are still flying between them.   Ben sees her as a risk since she left him to go back to her married lover the last time.   Luckily, he decides she is worth the risk and they decide to give it a second chance.  When an actress from the movie is found murdered the little town is shaken.  Ben happens to be the last person anyone saw with the actress.   Bella vows to clear her boyfriend’s name with the help of her friends. 

As I started this book I was unsure what to think of Bella.  I loved that she came back to her home town and fell right back in with the locals.  She did not come across as being bigger and better than her family and friends just cause she was “Hollywood”.  What I was unsure about was her relationships.  She left a man who worshipped her to go back to a married man.  She ran, no explanation, nothing.  No wonder Ben was put off by her.   But as the story went on I realized that Bella was not that “Other” woman.  She had to finish one part of her life before she was able to open herself up to another bigger and better part.   When she stood by Ben even when the evidence was pointing to him being the killer, I knew she would be ok. 

Ben, I loved from the very beginning.  He was strong, manly, and had an openness about him.  He kept his secrets close, but was willing to put himself out there and give Bella another try.  From his very first scene in the book I could feel the heat radiating off him and the sparks flying between him and Bella.  He is the type of man everyone loves.  He truly cares, not about himself, but about the people around him even when they are strangers. 

Tess Thompson wrote a great book that will pull you right in.  I love that there are more books in this series, but yet you can read this one as a standalone and not miss a thing.  I will be going to look up the rest of her books and reading them.

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