Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Good Wife by Jane Porter

This is the story of the youngest Brennan sister, Sarah.  Sarah is deeply in love with her husband, Boone Walker.  Boone Walker is a professional baseball player that travels most of the year leaving Sarah home to care for the two children.  Living apart so much is very hard on Sarah, especially given that Boone cheated on her three years ago and she has not been able to get pass that.  Boone swears that he is being faithful now and that there is no one for him but his wife Sarah, somehow Sarah just cannot believe him.   The stress of the relationship is doing both of them in and they must decide if they can make it work or should call it quits.

Although the book is primarily about Sarah, there is more to the book.  There is the story of Meg and her marriage and kids.  The story of Brianna and her trials with her time in the Congo.  Add to that the story of Lauren and Lisa and their lives. And so many more characters that I cannot name them all.  There is so much to this story that you cannot help but fall in love with all the ladies and most of the men in this book.  This was a book that I read a couple chapters and then would close the book, sit and think about what I just read.  I felt like I needed to digest the chapters and truly enjoy them not rushing through trying to find out what happen next.   Each chapter was their own story, yet they all wove together so amazingly that the novel flowed easily. 

Jane Porter knows how to write a book that touches your heart and tugs at it.  I had tears many times in the book, some happy and some not so happy.  I smiled and laughed.  I loved and I hated.  Never had I read a book that brought out so many emotions from me at one time.  When I started The Good Wife I had no idea what to expect.  When I finished The Good Wife I wanted more.  So much so that I went back and bought the two other novels in this series and cannot wait to get to read them and know the Brennan family so much better. 

The Good Wife is a book that everyone should read.   It is not chic-lit, although some might categorize it as such, it is so much more.  I highly recommend it. 

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  1. I have this series of books on my wishlist. I would categorize a story such as this as contemporary women's fiction as opposed to chick lit, probably. Thanks for a great review.

    1. I've seen a number of reviewers/reader categorize authors as chick lit, but so many of them I would classify as contemporary women's fiction, too.

  2. Charlotte,

    Your review brought tears to my eyes.

    Your review made me feel like every long night---months of long days and nights--was worth it.

    You got my book. You got my heart.

    Thank you.