Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Marry Me, Cowboy by Lilan Darcy

Tegan Ash is set to marry to get her green card.   When the groom backs out at the last minute his best friend,Jamie MacCreadie volunteers.   The problem is Tegan and Jamie cannot stand each other.    They are both on the rodeo circuit so seeing each other is a given.

Jamie is a hottie.   Rodeo man with a great big heart.  From the very beginning he won me over.  Not only did eh volunteer to take his best friends place to keep Tegan in the US but he also kept discreet tabs on his best friend when his life was spiraling out of control.     He had a great sense of when to push someone and when to step back and let them falter a little bit.

Tegan is difficult.   She had a chip on her shoulders towards Jamie but doesn't really know why.     When sparks started to fly between Jamie and Tegan I could feel her step back and wonder what was going on.    I learned to love her as she opened her heart and realized that if she had to go back to Australia the world would not end.   She also managed to give Jamie support as he tried to reconnect with his family.

This is an amazing novella.    The emotions were real and presented to the reader in a way that pulled you right into the story.      I will recommend this to all my chic lit friends.

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