Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Unraveling of Bebe Jones by Roje Augustin

Desiree Washington met legendary singer Bebe Jones when Bebe came to her school to read the kids her book.  That day changed Deisree’s life.   Many years later she gets a job as nanny and tutor to Bebe’s two young children and realizes all is not as it seems.   Desiree gets a life full of crisis and meltdowns.  She falls in love with kids and tries to keep them safe and unknowing, but realizes quickly that the kids see much more than anyone thinks.  

Everyone has an idol, someone you look up to and wish you could have their life or at least parts of their life.  That is how Desiree feels.   Unfortunately, what you see is usually not what you get and Desiree sees this first hand.   Expecting the glamorous life when she  is hired, she gets something totally different.   Sure there is the mansion, the nice cars, the flying around, but then there is the drugs, the tantrums, and the drama that is the true life of Bebe.  Desiree’s eyes are opened.  I always thought it would be cool to work for someone like Bebe, a start bigger than life.  After reading this book, which I do realize is not how all stars are, I change my mind.   The paparazzi is always an issue for a star, but the rest of the lifestyle is way out of control and nothing anyone should want.  

It is evident from the beginning that Bebe is not happy with her life.  She puts on a great front and pretends, but just below that happy surface is a sad, neglected, and dangerous person.   Having to live a life in the media and at the whims of the public is rough, but what is worse is not having friends or support staff.  The stories have been told of stars surrounding themselves with “Yes” people and that is exactly what Bebe has managed to do.  Everyone is so afraid of making her mad that no one will step in and stop the train wreck that has become her life.  All Bebe needs is one GOOD friend to step up and tell her about life, unfortunately she does not have that person. 

This was an interesting read.  It was not a romance book, it was not a biography of a star.  The Unraveling of Bebe Jones was a story that will open your eyes to the life a star can live.   I will recommend this novel to fellow book lovers. 

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