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Atonement by JH Cardwell

From Goodreads

Reese Stanford is off to college at Wake Forest with her loving boyfriend, Tate Justice...or is she? When trust issues arise regarding Tate's behavior, she turns to none other than her beautiful past - the beach god, John Rider who is conveniently available and still waiting. Will it be enough drama for John to finally have her forever, or will other shocking revelations and dark discoveries keep Reese from becoming his life-long dream? Will Tate ever be able to win her love back? Betrayal, anger, lust, and love fuel the future of Reese causing unexpected twists and turns on her long-awaited road to happiness. Will undying love conquer after all? Can Reese remain true to herself?

My Review:

When I saw that an email from JH Cardwell in my inbox I was so excited.  I was hoping that I knew what was in it.   I was not disappointed.   Atonement is the second book in her amazing series that started with Attainment and now continues with Atonement.  

I am not exactly sure where to start…words cannot describe how much I love this series.   Tate, Reese, Elle, and John have all become friends of mine.   They are people I need to know what happen to, where their lives are heading, and what they are doing.    Tate was not always my favorite, I still am not sure I really like him.   He scares me some with his anger and jealousy, but I do like that he recognizes that he has these issues and I do believe he truly loves Reese.    I worry about Reese, can she be with Tate and be happy?  Is John, her rich “other man”, the right answer?   As I read Atonement I was beyond thrilled that JH Cardwell answered so many of my questions and many more that I didn’t know I had.    The friendship Elle and Reese have is amazing.   I have best friends, some for many many years, but the connection these two have is beyond anything I have.   I am envious and maybe a little jealous of their friendship, but so happy that Reese has had Elle with all the trials she has had to suffer through in her life.  

I love that decisions were made about the futures of these characters and they were able to move on past their histories and be happy and successful.  This book took off where Attainment left off and still left me needing to know more.    I am happy to report that the third book, Chloe, in this series will be released in 2014.  I know that I already have it on my Must Read Wish List.   

All of my fellow readers HAVE to check out this series.  I do recommend you start with book 1 so you are familiar with the characters.  

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