Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lovers at Heart by Melissa Foster

Treat Braden is a wealthy resort owner whose life got turned upside down when Max Armstrong walked into his resort 6 months ago.     After making a mistake in assuming she has a one night stand while staying at his resort, he is now going home to try to get over her.

Max Armstrong has a great career but has never needed or wanted a man as she wants Treat.  When she returns home she decides that she does not need a man and goes about her life trying to forget the man she met in Nassau.

At the festival Max and Treat run into each other and they realize that the feelings are there.  But what are they going to do about it?

This is the fourth book in the Love in Bloom series.     The story of Max and Treat was exactly what I was hoping for at the end of the last book, Sisters in Love.    The sparks flew and the romance was hot but there were true feelings and lots of respect between these two.   The respect and care that Treat shows Max made me in awe.   I want a man like that.   Every woman should.   Of course, Melissa Foster added in some extremely steamy scenes and I love her for it.

I dreamed of Treat.    I have to admit I have a little of a crush on him.     This is a book that any romance chic lit lover has to read.  As a matter of fact they should he back and read the whole series.

About the Author

Melissa Foster is the award-winning author of four International bestselling novels. Her books have been recommended by USA Today's book blog, Hagerstown Magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues. She is the founder of the Women’s Nest, a social and support community for women, the World Literary CafĂ©. When she's not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on Fostering Success. Melissa has been published in Calgary’s Child Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Women Business Owners magazine. 

Melissa hosts an annual Aspiring Authors contest for children and has painted and donated several murals to The Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC. Melissa lives in Maryland with her family.

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  1. Ooh, dreams of Treat - sounds like sweet dreams ;)
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the book and series. Can't wait to see what you think of Destined for Love and my sexy cowboy, Rex. Thanks for your review!! XOXO

  2. Charlotte, so glad you're enjoying the series :D

    Thank you for taking part in Melissa's tour.

  3. I just downloaded that book today! Can't wait to read it!

  4. For some reason the link to sign up for Melissa's newsletter is not working.

    -Jessica M