Monday, December 16, 2013

Take me Home by Daniela Sacerdoti

Inary has a best friend in Alex.   When they have a night that pushes them to be more than friends she runs away telling him that it is all a mistake.  Inary then gets a phone call telling her to rush home, her younger sister heart is giving out and her time is limited.    Returning home brings back memories that she was trying to forget and move past.   There is the sick sister, the brother who is upset that she ever left, and the ex who left her just months before their wedding.  Add to that, the fact that she lost her voice right after her sister passed.  She must rediscover herself and find happiness.

Inary is amazing.   After losing her parents at a young age, having a sister with a chronic heart problem, and getting left at the altar, she has no choice but to move to London and start her life over.   Her fear of love was scary.   She could not allow herself to fall in love with Alex, although he was definitely in love with her and was trying to show himself to her.   It broke my heart when she went home, leaving him thinking that they were a mistake and then he moved on with his life.  

When Inary lost her voice after her sister passed, I was sure the reason was not medical.   There had to be a deeper reason and I could not stop reading with the need to know how her voice would return, and I was sure it would.   The loss of voice made me think about how I would communicate if I could not talk, I loved that everyone helped her communicate, whether making a phone call or just letting the people she was coming in contact with know she had no voice.  I did laugh a couple times at the suggested cures.   Some made sense and some I just shook my head at. 

This is a book of love, loss, finding yourself, and coming to terms with your history.   I highly recommend this book to all.  

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