Saturday, December 14, 2013

All For Hope by Olivia Hardin with Giveaway

Hope has been mentoring a prostitute who is turning her life around.   This prostitute has a baby girl, Michelle, and when she is arrested and sent to jail for manslaughter begs Hope to save her baby from her molesting father.   Hope then kidnaps Michelle and goes on the run.   

At a convenience store Hope runs into the love of her life, Brennan.    He has never felt the same for Hope, but yet promises to help her and keep Michelle safe.   She knows that she cannot truly rely on Brennan since he has never stuck by her in the past.   As they spend more time together the sparks begin to fly and the feelings begin to come back.

Everything about this book called to me.   The beautiful cover, the amazing story, I knew I could not pass on the opportunity to read this book.  I did struggle with the idea of kidnapping, but somehow knew it was the only way Michelle would be safe from a horrible life of molestation.   It was hard to be okay with it, but as the story continued on and I learned more and more about Hope I could see that she did it as only an amazing person could do.  Hope is a person that would truly go out on a limb and help anyone, stranger or friend, in their time of need, even when it means putting her own life on hold. 

When Brennan came into the picture I knew I would love him.  He tracked Hope down and did not let her go her own way, even as Hope protested that she did not need help.   He ended up being the rock and support that every woman needs, much less a woman on the run from her whole life.    He never gave up on Hope and Michelle, nor did he let his feelings get in the way of what was best for his “ladies.”

This story is amazing.   There is suspense, romance, and true love (both as mother/father to child and as man and woman.)  I have to recommend this to anyone who loves a great story.  I know that I am going to be keeping an eye open for more great works from Olivia Hardin and be checking out her previous work. 

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