Friday, December 13, 2013

Morning Glory by Sarah Jio

Fleeing an East Coast life marred by tragedy, Ada Santorini takes up residence on houseboat number seven on Boat Street. She discovers a trunk left behind by Penny Wentworth, a young newlywed who lived on the boat half a century earlier. Ada longs to know her predecessor’s fate, but little suspects that Penny’s mysterious past and her own clouded future are destined to converge.

Sarah Jio has written another fan favorite. I love her easy way of telling a story, well not one story, but two. This story was a little different for me I suppose because there was such a sad undertone for both woman. You know how things are going to end for poor Penny and you know Ada is running from her past.

Even though the story has a sad undertone, Jio slowly pulled me a long and I began to see hope...hope for both Ada and Penny! I desperately wanted both ladies to have happily endings. I loved the slow growth of Ada, her back and forth feelings and struggles. When she began opening up about her past, her pain...I was a mess! I mean seriously, never ever...I was NOT prepared for the what. It made me love her more, root for her and Alex even more. Hope the two of them could move forward.

Then there was Penny. Penny was just plain sweet. I honestly felt like I knew how things were going to play out, the who did what...nope. I again was not prepared.

I haven't read a Sarah Jio book I didn't love and Morning Glory was no exception! It made me remember why I always rave about her books! I loved how her newest book was a bit of a change of pace in the sense that Penny's story wasn't all that long ago. I really enjoyed the change of pace. I also loved the houseboat! I kept picturing the lifestyle in my head! I just think it would be really cool to live on one!

So the question is, am I recommending Morning Glory? YES! Go buy a copy, heck it's Christmas go buy a few copies and give them to the women in your life--they will love you for it!

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