Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Sweetest Thing by Lilian Darcy

River Bend Series

Publish Date January 7, 2014by The Tule Publishing Group, LLC

Tully Morgan has come back home to Marietta to take care of her mother who is dying from cancer.  She has not been home for any time since 1996, the night of her senior prom 18 years ago.  A family secret sent her running to her uncle in California, needing to get away.  Now she has returned and runs into the date, Ren Fletcher, from the senior prom that she stood up.  She has some fences to mend, bother with her mother and the date she stood up.  

My Review:

There is so much love in this story.  Lilian Darcy wrote a book of reconciliation, forgiving, and falling in love.   I was grabbed by the characters in this book on the very first page and just grew to love them more and more as each page was turned and each word was read.   I felt like I was truly invested in their future happiness and was cheering them on while reading.  

Tully is the strongest character in this book, although Sugar is right behind her.   They both have to deal with their history and come to terms with what had happen, not letting their past ruin their futures.  Tully had to come to terms with her mother’s past and how it affected her, while Sugar had to make amends for how her past affected her entire family.  Neither of these were easy to do but yet each managed to come out on top.   They were both able to forgive and move past, strengthening their relationships.  

Ren was an entirely different type of man.   He was just out of a bad marriage and not sure what life had in store for him.   He was down to earth and normal, yet you knew he was so special.   He was able to support Tully in her decisions without telling her what to do.  Yet, he withheld part of himself from her, not sure he was ready to be in a relationship.  I liked Ren.  This was a different type of romance.  It was a head spinning, throw me on the floor and take advantage of me story.   There was sweetness and a discovery of each other type of romance being told.  It was a nice change from many romance books.

I highly recommend Lilian Darcy’s The Sweetness.  This is a sweet story that has more to it than what is expected. 

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