Tuesday, February 18, 2014

While Beauty Slept by Elizabeth Blackwell

From Goodreads:  

A beautiful princess lies in a sleep so deep it is close to death. Was Sleeping Beauty revived by a prince's kiss? What really happened in that tower so long ago? 
While Beauty Slept re-imagines the legend through the lens of historical fiction, telling the story as if it really happened. A Gothic tale of suspense and ambition, love and loss, it interweaves the story of a royal family and the servants who see behind the glamorous facade, following the journey of a young woman as she lives out a destiny that leads her to the brink of death.

My Review:

I was and still am totally enthralled with While Beauty Slept.   I am a huge Disney Movie fan, I own them all, so when asked to read about Sleeping Beauty I had to stop and think.   Could I read a book about one of my favorite Disney movies?   Do I really want to know the “other” story?   I said yes and am so very glad that I did.   

This is the real story of Sleeping Beauty as told from Elsie, who knows many of the castles secrets due to her job as personal maid to the Queen, helper of Flora, and friend of the Princess Rose.    She is definitely the most loyal character in the book.   The way she keeps their secrets and stands by them when the going get toughs.  

Elsie tells the story to her grandchild and I have to say that I was swept up in the tale.  The tale is not the same as the movie, there is no magic and the happily ever after is not quite the same.  Beauty does get saved and a prince does arrive to save her, but not quite the Sleeping Beauty awaken by the Prince type of ending that I was expecting.   

This is a story that I could not put down.  I absolutely loved all the characters, even Millicent.  The story moved at a great pace and was easy to follow along.   Any fairy tale lover should read this book.  I highly recommend it.  

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