Friday, February 7, 2014

The Girl with a Clock for a Heart by Peter Swanson

Published February 4th, 2014

While at Mather’s College, George meets the girl of his dreams.  They quickly become inseparable, until Christmas break.  George got a call telling him that she committed suicide while visiting her parents.  He decides to head to Florida to visit her parents and pay his respects, possibly finding closure.  When he notices a picture on the mantel, he realizes that the girl these parents are grieving for is not the same girl that he knew from college.  Eventually he did know the true identity of his college sweetheart, but then she disappears.

Twenty years later she has returned and needs George’s help.

My Review:

I have never met a more complex character in a book; Liana Decter has so many personas that my head spun at all her changes.   Each person she became was more manipulative and double-faced.  I was sympathetic to her wishes to go to college knowing that it is a real issue that kids want to go but cannot afford them.  That is where the sympathy ends.   From the minute she leaves her dad and takes on a different identity she became someone that could not be trusted. 

 Knowing that love can make people want to see the best in those they love made me understand why George wanted to believe her, why he tried to believe her.  I felt bad for George, he finally had the woman he wanted to love, the woman he wanted to be with, and then she double crossed him at every turn.  I wanted him to open his eyes, to realize that he had to walk away from EVERYTHING that involves Liana or one of her other identities.   I believe that if he had never met her his life would be so incredibly different, but probably not nearly as interesting.

I have to recommend this to all my friends.   The Girl with a Clock for a Heart is a book I could not put down.   It was a book that kept me reading late into the night. 

Here is a quote that caught my attention while reading this amazing book. 
Liana has met up with George after her finds out that she is not the person who committed suicide.   I think this quote is the closest she ever came to telling George the whole truth, the truth about who she had been, who she was now, and who she thought she was going to be. 

“Being Audrey was temporary.  I had become this different person, this person I’d rather have been-you know, in school, doing well, with a boyfriend like you-but it was like a I had a secret disease, or there was this clock inside of me, ticking like a heart, and at any moment an alarm would go off and Audrey Beck would no longer exist.  She’d die and I’d have to go back to being Liana Decter.”
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