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Love Illusions by Chineka Williams

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Lucy is a confident PR professional, who is fearful of her troubled ex-boyfriend Charles. He is in denial about their breakup. With issues of alcoholism and abandonment, he spirals out of control.

Meanwhile, Lucy’s best friend Jade has found love and is about to get married. She is a loyal friend who is there for Lucy every step of the way.

Feeling trapped, Lucy is determined to fight back against Charles, but it won’t be without complication. After great debate, she optimistically accepts a new job offer miles away. Lucy soon embarks on an uncertain journey all connected to love.

My Review:

This was a fun read.   I enjoyed Lucy and her friendship with Jade the most.   There were true friends.  Through thick and thin they knew they had each other.   Jade’s story was a happy one, getting married and buying a house, while Lucy’s was not so happy, a stalking ex-boyfriend.  I enjoyed reading about them meeting for coffee and being able to talk about everything and anything.  They were entirely real people.
The story of Lucy’s ex was scary for me.   The fact that he took it so far was terrifying.  I understood the sleepless nights and the forever looking over her shoulder.   I was glad that she had Jade to give her the kind ear and to help her handle it all.   It was also great that Lucy didn’t just accept the problems and went to the police to make sure she was protected.

I did have a hard time connecting to the characters.  I am not sure if that was due to the point of view changes or the way the story was told.   I didn’t feel like I had a vested interest in making sure Charles did not get to Lucy or that Jade and her husband lived happily ever after.  Seth, Lucy’s friend, was a great character that added stability to Lucy’s life and I wish that more had been made of their friendship. 

Overall, I enjoyed reading Love Illusion.   If you are looking for an easy and fun ready I recommend it.

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