Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Memory Child by Steena Holmes

Brian and Diane have a ten year plan.   They plan to wait ten years before they discuss having a baby, twelve years have passed and Diane is pregnant.   Brian is thrilled and cannot wait to be a father while Diane is struggling with being a mother.   The timing isn’t great.  Both Brian and Diane have been offered great opportunities in their jobs. 

When Grace is born, Diane is thrilled.  She doesn’t want to let her out of her sight.   Brian is travelling for his job and hasn’t even met his daughter yet.    As things start to happen in life, Diane realizes that things may not be exactly as they seem.  

My Review:

The Memory Child is unlike any book I had ever read.  I am going to be very careful not to give anything away in my review but it will be difficult.  

Knowing that Diane was not wanting to have children, I assumed that after the baby was born she would either fall head over heels in love or really struggle with the care of Grace.    As the story unfolds, I was aware that things were not quite what they seemed but was unsure of exactly what was off.   The truth is told as the story goes on and I was amazed but not surprised.   

I enjoyed that the story was told from both Brian and Diane’s point of view.  There were stories from the past and of the present.   Brian went above and beyond trying to ease Diane’s discomfort with being pregnant and the idea of becoming a mother.    He was so attentive and understanding that I knew he was to be a great father.   I did love that he shared when he was overwhelmed and afraid also, but was careful to hide it from Diane so as not to add to her stress.  

I loved this book.   It was a page turned and pulled me in from the very first page.    I know that The Memory Child will not be a book that I forget.   I highly recommend this book.

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