Monday, May 26, 2014

Cure for the Common Breakup by Beth Kendrick

Publish May 6, 2014 by NAL Trade

Summer Benson is a flight attendant, when the plane she is on crashes and her boyfriend drops bomb on her she decides to head to Black Dog Bay.    After she arrives, Hattie Huntington offers her a job.  Dutch Jansen, the town mayor, and Summer start a relationship with a timeframe and lots of rules.   As Summer realizes that Hattie has a nasty vendetta against the town and a special agenda for both the town and Summer.  

I found Cure for the Common Breakup impossible to put down.   Each character, especially the secondary, had cute quirks.    Summer is extremely relatable.    I saw myself as her best friend and wanted to be drinking wine, cork and all, with her.  The fact that Summer was not perfect made her all the more real to me.  She is truthful, loving, and honest.  

The snappy and witty dialogue between Summer and Hattie and Dutch kept me laughing and covering my mouth.  I loved that Summer wanted to get fired, but knew she couldn’t, so she kept at Hattie.  The fact that the truth was being told in these conversations only made them better.    Dutch and Summer’s relationship would have not been nearly as wonderful and entertaining without their conversations.  

Cure for the Common Breakup is the perfect beach read.   I cannot wait to recommend it as a light and fun read.  

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