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Random House; May 20, 2014
$27; 430 pages


Cotton Malone is called into action again by his former boss in Washington D.C. to save a captive with critical information.    He jumps right into the situation meeting Luke Daniels, the Presidents nephew, to find out who took the captive.  Quickly into the mission he realizes that someone else, Cassiopeai Vitt, Cotton’s girlfriend, is involved and things get more complicated.  All roads seem to lead to a prophet of the Mormon Church and a battle with the US government leading to an unlikely ending. 

My Review:

This is my first Cotton Malone book. I was unsure what to expect and can now not wait to get my hands on more in this series.    Living in Illinois, I am always intrigued by books that tell stories of Abraham Lincoln and his presidency.  The Lincoln Myth tells a tale that is not what I would normally think of when talking of Lincoln and his history.   I loved the history shared in the story along with the fiction thrown in to keep me fully entertained.    The story was face paced and never let me put it down. 

Religion is a tough topic.   To choose to put the Morman religion front and center intrigued me.  The Morman faith is not something I am very familiar with so I was constantly making notes to be checked out at a later date so that I could get the entire story surrounding what was being told.   

I found the author notes at the end of the story to be extremely helpful and enjoyed reading them to find out what was fact and what was fiction along with getting the rest of the history on some of the locals and items found through The Lincoln Myth. 

I am anxious to read more from Steve Berry.  This is a book I will definitely recommend especially to history buffs. 

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