Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Needing You by Becca Siller

Book 2 of the Broken Road Series         
                                                                                              Published March 5, 2014 by Inkwater Press

Dealing with the trauma of her kidnapping and vicious treatment at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Tony, Charlie struggles to find her way back to normality. Life was never supposed to be like this. Once she met the sexy, loving heartthrob, Wyatt Grayson, everything should have been OK.

My Thoughts:

Needing You was full of pain and love, with many misunderstandings.   The relationship of Wyatt and Charlotte Lynn (Same as my name) was difficult.   They caused each other much pain due to lack of communication or only hearing what they wanted to hear, yet you could feel the love and the heat between them.   I struggled with knowing whether to cheer for them or wish they would part from each other and move on.   There were times that I felt Wyatt was harming Charlie, not physically but mentally.   Charlie was working at recovering from her kidnapping, while Wyatt couldn’t really understand all of what she went through and show her the support she really needed.   Overall, I love Charlie and Wyatt’s relationship and hope that they will find their happily ever after together.

Riley and Miles is a fun relationship.   Although, it seemed that sometimes they worried more about everyone else’s problems then each other.   Riley is the character that always has to be in control of her life and everyone else’s around her.  When things are good for her friends she cheers them on, but is quick to change her opinion when things are not so good.   I did enjoy that she was a true friend.   Never did she speak bad of Charlie nor not have her back.   I am anxious to find out about the threats that have been coming to her at work and am sure that the drama and intrigue will fly in the next book concerning those.

I ready Wanting You and was happy to be asked to read Needing You.   The next book in this series cannot be available soon enough.   Becca Siller knows how to keep her reader intrigued and glued to the pages. 

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