Friday, August 1, 2014

Rock Band by Laura Kitchell

Published May 3, 2014 by Smashwords

(From Goodreads)  A band of rock gods mock the idea of true love until, one by one, each is swept away by that unique woman who knows his heart in this romance anthology, Rock Band. Meet the guys.

Edgy, sexy Justin Keither leads his rock band, Smashing Glass, with purpose and passion. When the pages of his song-writing notebook remain blank, panic sets in. World-renowned photographer, Desiree Renault, can't see past her career until she meets "Justin Time" on a place headed to the same event. His kisses make her want more, but his doubts regarding love could make him lose her forever.

C.J., drummer for Smashing Glass, is wild and lives for pleasure. When he meets a beautiful food critic named Sin, she seems made for him. A troublemaker like him is a complication she doesn't need. Can he change his ways and earn her love before her plans take her out of his life for good?

Jet, singer and keyboard player, is a heartbreaker rock star with a looks to match his talent. Akiko is sweet and smart, and she wins his heart. Her traditional parents have other ideas, however. Can she defy them, or will she let them send her halfway around the world to a future that doesn't include Jet?

Chaz is Smashing Glass' handsome, quiet bass player. Freed from a promise that kept him from the woman he loves, he goes home to learn she's engaged to another man. Emily always thought of Chaz like a brother, a brother who abandoned her. Now that he's home, her feelings are far from sisterly. Can he claim her love away from her fiancé, or will she be the one to abandon him this time?

My Thoughts…

I read they synopsis and thought, wow a lot going on in this book.   I was worried that there would be an overwhelming cast of characters that I had to keep track of.  Once I got started, I quickly realized that each character had their own short story in this book.    This is a collection of 4 short stories, one about each band member.   I found this gave me the chance to get to know each character and see how each character fit into the band and the entire story.  I loved how the characters did appear in each other’s stories and usually had a huge part in the happy ending each member found.  

My favorite?  I would have to say C.J.    He went from a hard rocker living the lifestyle of a hard rocker to a taken man.  He did not lose himself, but found who he was meant to be.   Sin does not want him to change just for her, he wants him to be happy for himself and realize that the life he is living off the stage is not what the fans love Smashing Glass for. 

Laura Kitchell wrote a book that I could not stop reading.   This is the second book by her I have read and I would not hesitate to pick up another from her.    

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