Friday, March 18, 2011

Look Again by Lisa Scottoline

Normally, a book about a missing child is something I would pass on. However, a friend of mine gave me this book and told me how good it was.

Ellen Gleeson, is a journalist and a single mom to her adopted son, Will. She brings in the mail one day only to see a Have You Seen this child postcard with a picture of a little boy who happens to look just like her son.

This story takes right off and grabs you. I personally felt inner conflict as a mother. What would I do? What would I want someone to do in the same circumstance?

The best thing about this book is in only gets better and better! You aren’t going to want to put this one down!

I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait to read more fro Lisa Scottoline!


  1. Thank you for reviewing this one. I've picked it up a couple of times, but now I'll have to buy it!

  2. Enjoyed everything about this book. Ellen Gleeson is a journalist who, while writing a series on a sickly, abandoned infant in a hospital, falls in love with the child and adopts it. A few happy years later, she glances at a postcard of missing children and notices that it looks strikingly like her son. She decides to investigate and soon finds, to her horror, that she had adopted a kidnapped child, and the kidnapper will do anything to keep it a secret, including murdering anyone who knows anything about it. The book has many unexpected turns, especially the reason the child was kidnapped in the first place. As a mother of young children, I completely identified with the torment that Ellen was facing when she realized she could lose her beloved son.