Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Beach Trees and the Meaning of Home

When Julie Holt was only twelve years old the unimaginable happens. While watching her younger sister, her sister disappears without a trace. Karen White examines the after effects of tragedy with her protagonist Julie. After her sister’s disappearance her mother devotes her life to finding her, while her father and brother move on. When her mother dies Julie takes over where her mother left off… never allowing herself to feel rooted in one place, because she knows everything can change in a heartbeat. To read the rest of this review follow this link over to

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  1. Hi I have just stumbled across you from Book Blogs and on the basis that you are growing your followers I thought I'd become one (Networked blogs and twitter. GFC was playing up again), more selfishly I joined up because I enjoy reading and reading book reviews!
    I was going to leave you a comment on Book Blogs about followers but admin haven't approved me yet! Just to say that it is really a question of interacting with people. You have to visit them and make comments and generally be a bloggy friend...a lot of my followers came to me after reading comments I had left on others' blogs. It takes effort and you have to enjoy it. I have given up sleeping! It's the only way I can actually manage my life and read blogs and write posts. LOL
    Lovely to meet you. Drop by if you fancy a laugh...I'm to be found at
    Warm wishes and good luck. I'm off to read your reviews now


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