Tuesday, July 19, 2011

With Just One Click by Amanda Strong

The lives of three women are drastically changed after they decide to sign-up for the social networking site, Facebook. Amanda Strong explores the ‘what if’s’ most people have thought about as they enter the social networking world, but never succumb too. The lives of Chloe, Morgan and Brynn explore what happens when your past friend requests your present life.

Chloe, an up and coming movie reviewer in New York, surrenders to her roommate and good friend Bianca and finally creates a Facebook profile. Slowly gaining the all important friends and enjoying stalking their lives she receives the most shocking friend request. Kyle Woodward. Kyle, her first love, the teenage boy she gave her virginity to, the boy who broke her heart. To accept or decline was the question. Chloe accepts his friendship request and Kyle comes back into her life. Chloe opens those old wounds as the relationship goes from highs to lows.

Morgan, stay-at-home mom of two little sweethearts enjoys posting with the instant feedback of friends and ability to post pictures of her family on Facebook. She convinces her husband to sign-up for Facebook too. After he does, his ex-girlfriend Julie makes her way onto his friend list and she just loves to post semi-suggestive comments. When Morgan presses her husband to delete her, he doesn’t and red flags are raised. She finds herself stalking him and hacking into his account causing him to defriend his own wife.

Brynn is also a stay-at-home mom. Her kids are in high school and no longer need her as much and the distance between her and her husband seems to be growing. After finding Facebook, she gets a friend request from her bad boy ex-boyfriend from high school. Slowly little comments, turn into online chats, until ex-boyfriend Timothy asks her to meet him for coffee. He’s been nothing but a respectful and supportive friend as she tries to decide what’s next. She begins relying on his online semi-real friendship more than her real life friends.

To know me is to know I love Facebook. Strongs’ exploration of taking the Facebook what if’s and really allowing those stories to be explored, was fascinating to me. The three stories are separate (or are they). I was completely engrossed. I enjoyed reading each of these women’s’ stories.

I felt Chloe’s story was slightly predictable, but suddenly as the book was drawing to a close I was no longer sure it would end the way I wanted it too. I related mostly to Morgan. I could see myself becoming the crazed stalker wife and my husband would respond similarly to her’s. Now I had a hard time relating to Brynn. I actually am very careful, not to look backwards. I kept waiting for her to realize she was headed for trouble. I believe the combination of the three stories together showed how easily and innocently Facebook or any social networking site can, without a doubt change everything about your real life with just one click. 

I loved this book. It was funny, witty, and touching. I didn’t want to put this book down. I thought the ending was perfect. I am a fan of Amanda Strong and I highly recommend her book.



  1. Awesome, thanks Laura!

  2. I can't wait to read this! It sounds similar to "Friday Mornings at Nine" by Marilyn Brant. Have you read that one yet? Thanks for a great review!

  3. Hi, I found you on BB and followed...looks like a great blog and I'm excited because I write Christian novels...fun. Mandi

  4. This looks like it would be a good read! I found you on Book Blogs and came on over! I'll be following along from now on!

  5. I passed this book up on Amazon a couple times, but I'm glad I stopped to read your review on it. I now have a new book to add to my 'bookshelf' haha!


  6. Good to find you and your work, Laura!

  7. Laura,

    I'm overjoyed that you loved the book! As a debut author, you don't even know how much this type of review means to me! I appreciate you taking the time and reading the book!
    (I also love the Toni Morrison quote--that is exactly why I decided to write this book--very ironic!!:) )