Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ESCAPE by Barbara Delinsky

Emily Aulenbach is a New York attorney. She and her lawyer husband are paying their dues working long hard hours until they can move up the ladder. Emily had dreams of becoming a lawyer to help people, but is now working for a firm helping a corporation. She begins one morning just like any other morning when suddenly it’s all just too much. She feels she is more connected to technology than she is to the people in her life and she has had enough. She has enough and leaves work one day, goes home and packs a bag. As she is getting ready to go out the door she stops to pick up a letter, it’s a letter from her former lover, Jude. The letter tells her he is coming back to Bell Valley, after ten years of being gone. She walks out the door and gets in the car.

When Emily leaves she isn’t sure where she is going, but she knows she needs to get away. She loves her husband, James, but feels very disconnected from him lately. She finds herself headed back to Bell Valley where she escaped years ago. It’s a reconnection with her old college roommate, Vicki that gives her a safe place to reevaluate what she wanted and still wants out of her life. Jude true to his word suddenly shows in Bell Valley, but Jude isn’t the only one who shows up there. Can Emily reclaim the idealism she and James seemed to have lost along the way? Or will unfinished feelings for Jude reclaim Emily?

I found myself having a hard time really getting into Escape. The story moved slowly and I thought I knew where it was headed. I had a hard time believing a sensible attorney with a full time job, bills, and a husband could just pack her things and take a break from reality. I also found it hard to believe how accommodating her husband seemed. Don’t get me wrong I can get behind the idea of escaping, it’s just the doing. Once the story moves beyond that and Emily settles into the routine of life in Bell Valley I found myself enjoying the story more. I could appreciate the sentiment of the story and felt there is a lesson to be learned here.

Overall, I enjoyed Escape. I would recommended it and would look at reading more by Barbara Delinsky.

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