Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love on the Big Screen By William J. Torgerson

Zuke believes he has a grasp on how love works, he has watched and studied just about every 80s movie flick out there. Zuke is a sophomore at a Nazarene college, on the basketball team—albeit a bench warmer, and English major. You would think as an English major he loves reading/writing…well no a beautiful girl named, Abby is an English major and so Zuke signed up for the same major in order to get to know her better—it’s what Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything would do.

With his good friends, the Brothers in Pursuit, they seek God, Knowledge, compassion and most importantly women. Through the ups and downs of relationships, love and the intricacy of life Zuke learns everything he learned in the movies is nothing like real life.

I couldn’t help but like Zuke. He was so much the everyman underdog character. In those great 80s movies growing up (yes yes I just aged myself) I always loved the Farmer Ted/Lloyd Dobler’s of the movies. I couldn’t help but feel like I was getting a rare glimpse into the male psyche, while reading Love on the Big Screen. This book would have sure helped when I was in high school!

All joking aside, I did enjoy reading Love on the Big Screen. For me, I thought it had a slow start, but the more I got to know Zuke and his friends the more I enjoyed it. Once Zuke, started waking up and realizing how love in the movies is very different than real life I liked him even more. More than anything I really enjoyed the ending. The ending was all about being real and not a ‘movie’ type ending. The only real negative was a guy humor. Not really my thing, but that might be because I’m a girl. A definite lighthearted read.

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  1. You just made me want to read this book! :) Plus, must admit the title is catchy! :)

    Your blog is interesting! :) Glad I came across it! :)