Monday, March 5, 2012

THE FIVE W’S Of Kathleen Long

Today we have author Kathleen Long here at A Novel Review! I will be reviewing her book Chasing Rainbows here on Thursday. Thank-you so much for joining us here today and now let's get to know:

The Five W's of Kathleen Long

Hello and thanks for letting me visit with you here at A Novel Review, Laura!

As to your first question, I’m a wife and mother first and a writer last. Before my daughter was born, my writing was my priority. I’d frequently pull thirteen-hour writing days while on deadline, consumed by the story I was telling. Those days are long gone.

I waited a long time to become a mother, and I refuse to miss a moment. I love walking my daughter to school, love helping her with her homework or her arts and crafts. I love hearing her giggle with her dad as they make up stories for each other—one of their favorite pastimes. I love being a mom, and I do my best to enjoy and appreciate every day.

As a writer, I’m an author who is determined to hone her craft and deepen the reader’s experience with every book. When I carve out writing time, I work hard, loving every moment of the journey.

WHAT? What do you enjoy doing other than writing in your spare time?
When I’m not writing, you can find me at the kitchen table with my daughter, crafting dragons out of paper towel tubes, or fashioning butterflies out of construction paper and pipe cleaners. When I’m not on mommy duty, I’m reading or catching up with friends online. My favorite escape is the beach, where I would spend every day if I could. I find nothing better for my soul than a long walk along the surf, no matter the weather.

WHEN? When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
I knew I wanted to be a writer in the second grade. Our teacher showed us a series of slides and instructed the class to make up a story. I remember developing an intricate tale and setting my imagination free. I was hooked. I’ve been telling stories and writing in journals ever since. I became serious about my writing in August 2001, several months after our first daughter died in infancy. Her brief life made me realize dreams should be chased, and life is for living. I made the conscious decision to buckle down, learn my craft, and study the markets. I sold my third manuscript two and a half years later.

WHERE? Where do you write?
I’m laughing as I answer this question. I cannot write at my computer or at my laptop. I write sitting on the family room floor, typing onto a Dana—a keyboard produced by AlphaSmart. The beauty of the Dana is that it has no Internet access and shows me only nine lines of type at a time. When I work on my Dana, I write fast and don’t stop to edit. Even if I go to our local library to write—which I do often—I take only the Dana. I leave my laptop at home.

WHY? Why do you write?
I write because I love to spin plots, develop characters and tell stories. Most of all, I write because I want to provide an escape for everyone (hopefully) who picks up one of my books.

After we lost Emily, I sat and stared for months. Literally. Then one day, I picked up a book and I read. Don’t get me wrong. I’d always been a huge reader, but during my grief I fell into a fog that didn’t include books. This time, I read the book cover to cover, forgetting about my life for several hours. That experience was amazing, freeing and inspiring. I decided that if I could write and provide an escape for even one reader, I had to try.

Thanks for the great questions, Laura! Thank you for being part of the tour for Chasing Rainbows!

I will now go and google to find out more about what a Dana is, because it sounds like what I need--no internet while writing! lol. Thank-you so much for stopping by Kathleen! I think this is the first time an author made me tear up while reading their responses. You've definitely have touched on parts of my own life here and in your book. I'll discuss more of this in my review Thursday!

To get to know Kathleen better you can go to her website at


  1. Thanks for letting me babble on, Laura! ;o) You'll have to let me know what you think of the Dana once you check it out. I'd be lost without mine!

  2. Love the interview format! :)