Thursday, March 1, 2012

THE FIVE W’S Of Sarah Pinneo

This morning we have crunchy momma Sarah Pinneo with us here at A Novel Review! Sarah is the author of newly released Julia’s Child and Ski House Cookbook. Let's get to know:

THE FIVE W’S Of Sarah Pinneo 

For a dozen years I worked in finance on Wall Street, before making the transition from breadwinner to bread baker. (Guess which is more fun?) When I’m not writing novels I might be tossing the football with my two boys, inventing new recipe for crackers or hanging around the farmers’ market.
WHAT? What do you enjoy doing other than writing in your spare time?
When my children were 4 and 6, we left New York City for rural Vermont and New Hampshire. One of the great benefits of living up here is the outdoor lifestyle. Last weekend we skied on Saturday and skated on Sunday. Many other hours of my very glamorous life are taken up with cooking and laundry.
WHEN? When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
In the third grade my teacher, Ms. Bacon, led me to a corner of the classroom. “You are going to be a writer,” she said. “And this is your portfolio. Every time you finish a poem, we’re going to put it in here.” And so it was.
WHERE? Where do you write?
My desk is in the kitchen. (What would Virginia Woolf have to say about that?) It’s nice to be so centrally located. Yet sometimes I burn food when I become distracted by twitter.
WHY? Why do you write?
I write books that I’d like to read. Anything I write has to be at least a little bit funny, because I value humor immensely. Another thing I like about writing is what I think of as the Rumpelstiltskin effect—you start with nothing and you end up with something. Though I am as susceptible to fancy notebooks as the next girl, the truth is that they don’t help. The straw must be spun into gold by effort only. I love that.

Thank-you so much for joining us, Sarah! I miss the beautiful autumn colors of living out East! I bet VT is gorgeous in the fall! If you'd like to get to know Sarah better you visit her at her website and follow her on twitter!

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