Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Underside of Joy by Seré Prince Halverson + Giveaway

1 Kings 3:16-28,  the Bible tells of a story of two women fighting over who was the the mother of one living child. The case was brought before King Solomon, who said he would cut the baby in two, so both women would have the child. One of the women yelled out, "Please, my Lord, give her the living baby! Don't kill him!" After the woman yelled this out he handed her the baby proclaiming, she was indeed the child's mother (NIV).

The Underside of Joy is a heart-wrenching story of two mothers fighting over 'their' children. Ella Beene and Joe Capozzi have made a wonder and caring home for Annie and Zach. Filled with love and surrounded by Joe's big Italian family. One looking in from the outside would never guess that Ella is the stepmother, because in every single way she is their real...and only mother.

Paige Capozzi, the children's biological mother couldn't handle the stress of motherhood. Soon after having Zach, she just checked out. As far as everyone knew she hadn't even bothered to send the kids cards or called to see how they were doing. Joe divorced her shortly after he met Ella, who openly welcomed motherhood. And for three years Joe and Ella seemed to have it all. It all ended one summer morning in '99.

Suddenly, Joe is gone and Ella is on her own with the kids, helping them to deal with their grief. When out of nowhere, Paige turns up. She is ready to take her children back and is ready to fight for them as their biological mother. Ella's world is turned even more upside than she thought possible, as Paige begins making outrageous claims about Joe. Two women fighting over the children they believe to be theirs. The Underside of Joy will have you asking yourself...what makes a mother, but wait to make judgement because you might not have the whole story.

The Underside of Joy is Seré Prince Halverson debut novel. This one had be grabbing for the kleenex over and over and over again! But don't worry you won't be crying long, because you won't hardly be able to put it down!

I absolutely LOVED this book! I mean it really plays with the heartstrings. I'm not a stepmother, but I know without a doubt if I was I would be just as much a mama bear as I would be with my biological children making me relate to Ella...and if someone was with my biological children no matter who she was or how wonderful she was to my children, well she wouldn't be me and I would fight like crazy for them, so I could relate on some level to Paige! What a story! And what I've written about today is only the first layer of this amazing story! That's right there is so much more, so much deeper. Ella really walks through some serious stuff to find her way to the end. I have only good things about this book, it was amazing! This is a book I know I will be sharing with the women in my life! And I'm going to start with sharing it with all of you! I have a copy to giveaway!

The giveaway is for US/Canada only (no PO Boxes) and ends March 6 midnight EST. Please comment telling what you think makes a mother and make sure to leave me your email address. I will contact the winner and the winner has 48 hours to respond (make sure to check your spam folder cause sometimes my emails go into them). I will choose a winner using! Good-luck!


  1. I think a mother is any woman who protects, loves and supports a child in the way every child deserves. They don't have to have given birth to the child to be its mother but needs to have the same love in their heart. My cousin spent a lot of time with my son and me when he was little and my son started calling her "mom" too. I thought it was so cute and started calling her "other mother". And that is just what she is to him because she loves him with her whole heart.

  2. I agree with Collen. A mother or a father is any person who protects, loves, and supports a child in the way a child deserves. They do not have to be the biological parent.

  3. Great review. Thanks for the giveaway. What makes a mother ... hmm ... it has to be more than the above, I think, or else I am the mother of all of my kids friends. What makes my relationship with my kids different isn't so much in how I love and revere them but also in how I can be with them. Not only do I love them, faults and all, and provide a safe place where they don't have to be perfect, I also know that this safe place allows for me to show my flaws as well. 'Mother' isn't just about how I feel about them it is also about how they feel about me.

  4. Thanks for the great review. I think the thing that makes a mom is the undying love for you child. And from love all other good things will come :D

    megnate at telus dot net

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    2. I am a foster mother, and have taken in many broken, and unhappy children. I am most proud of the joy of books that I have taught them, in addition to showing them a different world from what they were used to. What makes a mother? Love, being called for when your former foster child is pregnant, and then has her baby with you there. That is love, when she calls you and not her birth mother, because she knows you love her unconditionally, and will always be there for her. My adorable and beautiful grandaughter is now a year and a half old.

  5. What tourmoil any mother who has loved, cared for and raised a child would be going through when someone comes along and wants to take the child away from her!!!!

    I have loved that story about King Solomon's wise decision since I was a child. It make so much sense, made it easy to see who is the real mother, the one who loved the baby with all her heart.

    Thank you for this giveaway.


  6. A mother is one who tells bedtime stories even though she would much rather sleep, who makes chicken noodle soup when their child is sick, and aches when the child falls. And when the child is fully grown, still sees them everyday as the kid they once was.

    lilianxcheng AT

  7. A mother is someone willing to love unconditionally, sacrifice whatever it takes for the child's happiness, and believes in the child always.


  8. Okay here I go again(my first comment didn't work)

    A Mother who is a good listener and of course loves unconditionally.


  9. A mother nurtures and protects her child, cares for and prepares for their eventual parting. A mother is someone you can always come home to.

  10. A mother nurtures, cares, loves, protects, listens, helps & will do anything for their 'children'. (mill1(at)sympatico(dot)ca. Thank you.

  11. A mother loves her children more than anyone or anything else!

  12. I think a mother is someone who does her best to raise her child in a loving and nurturing manner, while also teaching her child how to be a good and decent person.

    sunnydaysrule AT hotmail DOT com

  13. a mother needs to be understanding, strong, nurturing, but not a best friends... needs have control but know when to give up the control also.

  14. I think that to be a mother you must love your kids, teach them right from wrong, and what it means to be an active member of the community. But most of it I think it takes lots, and lots of love!! & patience too!!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  15. Hi, I just posted, and was anonymous, and am the foster mother that has the beautiful granddaughter. I would love to win "The Underside of Joy." My email is:

    It is all about loving unconditionally, no matter where the child comes from, and always supporting them, and being there for them.

  16. A mother is strength in the face of sadness, joy in the face of fear, calm in the face of heartbreak. I think of the sacrifices I just recently learned, as an adult (almost 40), that my mom made to keep our family unit whole and I continue to be amazed at her strength and resilience in the face of years of sadness. A mother is love. This book sounds absolutely wonderful.

    melissa AT azcommpro DOT com

  17. I loved reading all these responses! Thank-you and they are all so true!

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