Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Love Wars by L. Allison Heller & Giveaway

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Molly Grant works at a premier Manhattan law firm, Bacon Payne, as a matrimonial attorney.   She’s been through more divorces than she’s had relationships.  When Molly meets Fern Walker her career takes a change of direction.

Fern is the ex-wife of a powerful media mogul who is refusing to let her see their children.  Molly is unable to walk away from the case and knows she has to help her.  She just has to keep it from her boss and co-workers at Bacon Payne.

Who wants to read a book about divorces?  How interesting can that be?  These were questions I asked myself and found that I wanted to read this book and that I could not put it down. 

Molly Grant is a warm and caring attorney.  She won me over when she didn’t bend to the high powers of Bacon Payne.  She showed her true heart and did not give in to what her co-workers and boss would have done.  When she stood up for Fern’s rights and proved how witty and instinctive she was I knew that Molly would go far and succeed.

I found that I could relate to all the characters in this story, even Lillian the demanding boss.  The women Molly works with are the type of people I would want for my friends and co-workers.  They knew how to support each other in and out of the office.  They even knew how to have fun.  L. Allison Heller did an expert job making this not just a good story, but a great story that makes you feel as if you are an attorney right beside Molly.  I will highly recommend this to all my fellow book lovers.

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