Saturday, August 3, 2013

When Good Friends Go Bad Second Launch

In honor of National Friendship Day, Ellie Campbell is doing a second launch of When Good Friends Go Bad. On Kindle(click <----) it will be free!  

Can you ever learn to forgive and forget?
All through school, tomboy Jen, snobby Georgina, hippy Meg and gentle Rowan, were inseparable. Until, that is, the unfortunate consequences of a childish prank tore them apart. As adults an attempted reunion went disastrously wrong. Rowan failed to appear. Meg behaved outrageously and - sharpest cut of all - Jen discovered just how deeply Georgina had betrayed her. 
So now, a mother herself, in the midst of divorce, the last thing Jen needs is a call from Meg. Or is it? Will Meg’s strange mission to track down the missing Rowan re-open old wounds or is it a chance to heal the rift – or to recover Jen’s never-forgotten, first true love? As their quest unearths secrets and feelings best left buried, Jen, Meg and Georgina will be tested on love, loyalty, and friendship, discover the truth about Rowan – and wake a danger that threatens them all. 

We are Lorraine Campbell and Pam Burks, two sisters separated by the Atlantic Ocean and now connected as co-authors of Ellie Campbell, an excuse for endless phone conversations.  Our books How To Survive Your Sisters and When Good Friends Go Bad are published by Arrow in the UK and rest of the world and through Amazon in the USA, along with our third novel, Looking For La La .  We are equally passionate about writing, travel, horses, dogs, the outdoors, and although Pam now lives in Reigate, not far from London, with a husband, three children and a dog, while Lorraine is  on a small Colorado ranch near wild and wonderful Boulder with husband, three horses, five cats, one dog and four chickens -  we both believe in enjoying life to the fullest, be it digging up carrots in the allotment, listening to audio books while scooping manure in the corrals or going on a trail ride in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

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