Friday, August 2, 2013

Is This Tomorrow by Caroline Leavitt

When I think of the 1950s I have an ideal picture of what life looked like, and impart it did. IS THIS TOMORROW by Caroline Leavitt takes place then but the ideal picture is not what life looked like for Ava and her son, Lewis. Ava was an attractive divorced woman, a Jewish woman, who worked and was raising her twelve year old son alone. Ava trying to give her son the best she could, moved him into a peaceful suburb where doors were left unlocked and the children ran free. The mother and son were outcasts, but were managing. Lewis made good friends with the widows children, Rose and Jimmy. But life became even more complicated when Jimmy goes missing. 

After becoming adults, Rose and Lewis reconnect trying to figure out what really did happen to Jimmy that night. What they find might just tear them apart.

IS THIS TOMORROW for me was what my kids were asking, because I couldn't put this novel down! The story is so full of questions and suspense and once you get an answer there are more questions and then even more questions! 

I was pulled into the lives, the stories, the heartache of all the different characters. The portrayal of mother/son dynamic was fabulously written. I haven't felt so immersed in a story in some time. The change of viewpoint of a number of different characters really just grabbed a hold of me. You didn't feel the jerking of moving from one character to another, Leavitt's writing is flawless. 

I really had no idea what to expect as far as how the story would end, but I sat there stunned. The tragedy was so...oh wait you don't want me to spoil it for you! 

I was left not wanting this story to end and I am highly recommending! 

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Is This Tomorrow by Caroline Leavitt

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