Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon

Laura lost her first love to a car crash.   Marries her second love.  Seven months after they say I do she finds out that he made a horrible mistake before their vows.   Needing to take a break she heads to Florida's Key West for a two week vacation with her best friend, Marty.This vacation brings along fun, gorgeous tanned men, and cocktails.

Towards the end of the vacation she has some extremely tough decisions to make.

The Longest Holiday is a fun summer read.     Although the reason Laura left her husband to go on vacation is a very good reason, I am not a fan of running away from your problems.    I felt she was weak for not standing for herself and fighting for her marriage.   I do understand her need for space but not an ocean between them.

The fun she has in Florida was very entertaining.   Diving is one thing I will do someday and I love that she overcame her fear and did that.    When she makes a decisions she sticks to it and no one will change her mind, she proves it again and again.

Paige Toon wrote a fun and entertaining novel.   I was up late and could not stop reading.    I will highly recommend it and certainly add Paige Toon to my must read authors.

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