Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Whole Latte Life by Joanne DeMaio

Sarah Beth and Rachel go to New York to celebrate turning 40.   Things do not quite go as planned, leaving Rachel trying to enjoy her weekend, while Sarah Beth goes about trying to figure out her life. 
Rachel meets New York police officer Michael while in New York.  When it is time to go home they decide to “try” their relationship long distance.   Rachel has the death of her husband still to deal with and is worried about moving on.   Michael has a demon that he is dealing with.  Can these two beat their own hold ups about their lives and make each other happy?

Sarah Beth uses the trip to New York to start the journey of a life.  Some may call it a  mid-life crisis, but really she just wants to find herself.  Marriage and motherhood have taken over her life and she feels like all she was is gone.   The death of her mother has also been a huge issue for her to overcome.  The grief she feels holds her back from enjoying her family and life.

Which woman did I like better?  That is such a toss up.  

I felt sad for Sarah Beth.  To feel she lost her life and is floundering trying to get it back made me very sad for her.  I wanted to her reconnect with her husband and her kids.  I was very concerned that she was throwing her family away and would realize that the life she had was enough for her.   Tom, her husband, bothered me.  He was concerned, but he didn’t seem very supportive.  Although I did understand that he had a lot thrown at him while Sarah Beth rediscovered herself, probably more than most husbands deal with.   Between working full time and taking care of the kids there was not much time for him to take care of Sarah Beth.  By the end of the novel I could feel how strong Sarah Beth had become.   She came to terms with her mother’s death, while still missing her.  She became a mother again. She became a wife again.  Most importantly she found herself and her calling and succeeded in it. 

Rachel was not someone I connected with.  I understood the rift between Sarah Beth and herself .  But I struggled with her not forcing them to deal with it.   For how long and strong their friendship was suppose to be,  it seemed to me that she gave up on it to easily.    Now, her relationship with Michael was probably my favorite storyline.  To see him slowly give himself to her and for her to be open to being with him was so much fun for me.   I looked forward to the chapters of their stories.  The fact that they both had baggage, and who at 40 won’t, only added to the story.  

Joanne DeMaio did it again.  This is the second book of hers that I have read and she had me from the beginning.  I could not read fast enough or long enough to satisfy my need to know.  This is a book my Mom’s Book Club chose to read and I cannot wait to discuss it.  I will happily recommend this to all my friends.

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