Monday, August 5, 2013

The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro

The Perfume Collector is the SHE READS August Book Club book of the month.  She Reads is an online book club.  Each month they choose a novel and feature it through a series of different blogs.  

Grace Monroe has received a letter from a lawyer in France asking her to please come to Paris at her earliest convenience as she has been names a heir in a will.   The will is from a woman that she has never met, Eva d’Orsey.  As Grace heads to Paris to solve the mystery of who this woman was, she discovers a world of perfume and a great story, the story of her history. 

The Perfume Collector is a book I may have picked up, looked at, and put back down due to its large number of pages and the setting in Paris.   If this is what had happen I would have missed reading a great historical novel with a lot of passion and a great story of life.  This is a story of a young woman who is just living life and getting by, although she has a very upper crust life, and how her life changes and she comes into her own and starts truly being alive and enjoying life. 

Although I could tell from almost the very beginning what the relationship between Eva and Grace was I could not put this down.  I loved watching Grace put the clues together and learn the truth about her life.   It was also entertaining to see her come into herself.  To have an independence that she has never had and make decisions for herself, even if they were not what her husband wanted.  Kathleen Tessaro did an amazing job making Grace a real person.

The novel had two stories.  The story of Eva in the 1920’s until her death and the story of Grace in 1954.  The way the two story lines were wove together, slowly and with much detail, made this an amazing tale.  Both storylines were fascinating, although the stories were very different.  This is a slower read, but never dragging.   I was always entertained and engaged in the book. 

This beautiful historical novel is a book any historical reader will love.   I know that I adored it from the beginning to the end. 

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  1. Is on my TBR and definitely cannot wait to read it myself :)

  2. I also would have been put off by its size but it ended up being a quick read. I chalked that up to the writing and storyline. And I thought the weaving of the two stories was handled expertly too.