Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Carol by Michele Gorman

Three ex-boyfriends at her sister’s Christmas Wedding is Carol’s nightmare and it is about to come true.    When her sister, Marley, plans her wedding, with Carol as maid of honor, for the weekend after Christmas and then makes Carol’s ex the best man carol is dreading it.     With no choice she attends the wedding with the intent to learn what went wrong in those relationships.   Little did she know that she would learn so much about herself and come out a much different person.

I love Christmas and everything about Christmas.   This is a great and fun story.   I am a fan of Michele Gorman also.    This story is perfect.   It is a Christmas story, but so much more.   The story is of family coming together and supporting each other and of Carol finding out the truth about herself and making herself a better person.  

I do not envy Carol being in the same location as three of her ex’s.   When she questions each as to why they broke up it was heart breaking.   The truth was told, but it was hard to hear.   Carol showed her true strength when she took what she was told and made herself a better person.   The message shared in this story is one that everyone should know and live by.

Michele wrote another great story that I will happily recommend to all my chic-lit friends. 

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