Monday, January 6, 2014

Love Water Memory by Jennie Shortridge

Just before Lucie Walker is to get married, she ends up in the San Francisco Bay up to her knees in water.   Lucie has no idea how she got there, who she is, or why she ran away from her fiancĂ©e.   Her amnesia is believed to be caused by an emotional trauma that she has no idea about.  When Grady Goodall comes to the hospital to get her she starts to learn about herself and the life she left.   As she learns more about her past, she learns more about the secrets that she has kept hidden for years.

I have read other books where characters have amnesia, but this was so different.   Lucie doesn’t just get her memory back from one thing happening, she works through her life and history to find the cause of the amnesia and has to come to terms with what she discovers.   I loved how Jennie Shortridge made Lucie’s past life so different than the life that she is coming into without her memory.   Lucie was self centered and materialistic before her memory lose, but after she is a caring, given, friendly Lucie. 

The different points of view, Lucie, Grady, and Helen, had me truly feeling like I knew each character.  It was perfect how the story moved from one person to another without missing anything.  As a matter of fact each characters insights gave me more knowledge of all the characters in this book, including the secondary characters of Grady’s family. 

I would certainly recommend this book.  Jennie Shortridge wrote and emotional thriller that kept me reading all day.  

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