Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Pieces We Keep by Kristina McMorris

After her husband's death two years ago, Audra Hughes believes it's time to move to a new city. She needs space to start over with her seven-year-old son, Jack. Taking her son on a plane seemed easy enough, something he would enjoy, but instead something about the plane triggers anxiety in Jack.

Once home Audra believes everything will go back to normal, but Jack begins having recurring violent nightmares and problems at school as he begins drawing terrifying plane accidents and an electric chair. She is desperate to find out what is happening to her once happy little boy. Audra's life is falling apart all around her, and yet like any good mother she pushes through for her son. She is willing to open any door to find the answers to bring him peace. Even looking into the possibility of Jack remembering a past life.

In alternating chapters, Vivian James is a beautiful young woman excited to be in love with Isaak. Both citizens of the United States living aboard as World War II seems to be inevitable. They plan on returning to the states, but last minute Isaak realizes he must return to his family in Germany to make sure they are safe. Instead of living their perfect future, theirs is a mystery that needs to be solved.

Once I read the premise of THE PIECES WE KEEP, I honestly believed I had the whole story line figured out. Most of the book I thought how clever I was. Ever so slowly, I began to realize things were no longer going the way I expected. The further I read, I couldn't put the novel down. All of a sudden I was no longer sure of any of it, I was completely confounded. I couldn't figure out how everything would come together--sheer brilliance! I found myself in shock, then I had to stay up all night just to finish.

Kristina McMorris is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. Her stories are so beautifully written (it's like history come to life), they captivate her readers. When I begin her novels I start off just savoring her writing, until I can't take it anymore and I devour it. Her last novel I said I'd give it six stars if I could...and THE PIECES WE KEEP is even better! A must read!

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-- Amy Hatvany, author of Heart Like Mine


  1. I enjoyed reading your review. I loved this novel!

  2. I'm glad to hear it wasn't predictable. Looking forward to reading it soon.