Monday, February 17, 2014

Broken by Sandra Love

Broken Wings Book One
Publish date December 22, 2013

Cordelia Rose has been bullied by her classmates and abused by her father.   Then she meets Kaleigh and Cameron, who have been sent by Old Ones to protect her.   They are to watch her, but not interfere in her life or change what is happening to her.   As she finds out the truth behind who she really is, she needs their protection more and more.  

My Review:

Amazing.   Absolutely amazing.  This novella is the perfect young adult paranormal story.  From the very beginning I was sucked into the story and the characters.   There is so much detail and depth to this short story I felt like I was there seeing the movie, scene by scene.  

Cordelia and Cameron are beautiful characters.   The bond they have with each other is evident from their first meeting.   The fact that Cameron was able to move past the reason his parents were dead and be able to protect Cordelia made him a hero to me.  
Sandra hooked me on this series and I cannot wait to read the next part of this story. 

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