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Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

Published January 21, 2014

Lost Lake is the SheReads choice for March.   Each month SheReads choices a lucky author and offers their book to many bloggers and reviewers, helping to promote that book. 

Suley, Georgia is where Eby and George lived their life at Lost Lake Cottages.  When George dies Eby is left to run the cottages.   Lost Lake Cottages is also where widowed Kate, who is also Eby’s niece, spent the best summer of her life.   Kate has now returned to Lost Lake with her young daughter, Devin.  Eby wants to sell Lost Lake and travel the world.  Kate has discovered all that she thought was lost when she was forced by her parents to leave so many years ago.  She has rediscovered her almost first kiss, Wes, the magic of being with friends and family again, and the greatness of being a mom again.  Can being at Lost Lake make everything right again?

My Review:

First thought when I started reading Lost Lake was that this was going to be another sweet romance story, boy was I wrong.   There was sweet romance but there was so much more.   Lost Lake became a story of remembering past and moving into the future.  Starting with Kate becoming awake after living in a haze after losing her husband and concluding with Eby figuring out what her future could be. 

Devin is an amazing character that is quirky and wonderful.   She is the person in the book that each and every other character was able to relate to.  Even the characters that thought they had no friends were friends with Devin.   She is the character that changed the lives of every person she came into contact with. 

Eby is the character that starts the book on its journey.  The story started with Eby and George on their honeymoon and getting lost in various towns.  Their honeymoon was all they dreamed of, until it was cut short.  Upon returning home, their life path takes a different turn, a turn for the good and they purchase Lost Lake Cottages.  These cottages manage to attract a wide variety of visitors and touch the souls of the people who stay there and the people who just visit from town.  I loved this couple.  You could tell that they were the perfect couple, willing to do anything possible to make the other person happy.

Kate won my heart.  The fact that her story start with her waking up and getting back to her life after having such tragedy made her a hero right away.   Then when she let Devin live her life, dressing as she wants, playing freely, and generally being a free willed child totally won me over.    As Kate struggled to take back her life, I enjoyed watching her get stronger and stronger.  Once she figured out the right path to take I was able to take a deep breath and know that she would be happy and successful again. 

This is a story that is about starting over, understanding the past, and doing whatever you can to be happy.   I am new to Sarah Addison Allen, but will certainly be finding more of her works to enjoy.

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