Friday, May 18, 2012

Downward Dog Upward Fog By Meryl Davids Landau

WOW!  What an eye opener.  On every page something popped out and made me think about myself and how I react to events around me.

Thirty three year old, Lorna Crawford is realizing she wants and deserves more then what life is giving her right now. While struggling to find her spiritual side, she attends a silent retreat and ends up making friends that have similar goals.  After the retreat, Lorna returns to the “real world” having to find a way to live with the negativity of her co-workers, her boyfriend’s difference in goals, and the relationship with her mother.  She works hard to stay positive and often helps others around her become positive.

Lorna is definitely a character I can relate to.  Although I am not overly spiritual, I love the calm and positive ways she dealt with the world around her.  The negativeness of the world around her gets her down, but she manages to turn it around into a positive.  I found myself learning by her examples.  Smiling at strangers, changing a negative thought into a positive thought, or just sitting and listening to myself.

Downward Dog Upward Fog is a definite good read.  Even if a person is not spiritual or into yoga, they would thoroughly enjoy this book.  This book is not just about spirituality, it is a book about relationships with your mother, boyfriend, co-workers, and yourself.

Unique Spiritual/Yoga Women's Novel a Book-of-the-Year Finalist

The most prestigious small-press book-of-the-year award, sponsored by the industry publication Foreword Reviews, just released its list of finalists for its book of the year contest, and Meryl Davids Landau's unique women's novel, Downward Dog, Upward Fog, is on the short list in the general fiction category. 
Reviewed by: Charlotte

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