Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hi everyone!

I'm sure some of  you have noticed things have been a little slow here lately. I'm sorry about that. I have a review I need to write and a book I'm finishing up. My dad has been sick and I've been pretty stressed about the situation. I just returned home earlier today from visiting him and hope to get back into a routine, while we wait for final test results on my dad. Prayers needed. I hope to get emails out to all my giveaway winners by the end of the week, thank-you so much for your patience during this time!!!


  1. No worries. Take care of yourself and your family needs first. Sending you strength.
    Beth :-)

  2. Sorry you're going through a rough patch. I've said a prayer for your dad, and will continue to do so. ((hugs))

  3. Hope your dad is ok! Sending good thoughts your way.