Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jackpot! By Jackie Pilossoph

Would you have a baby for 8 million dollars?  That is the question Frankie, a widow who has wanted grandchildren for years, presents to her son and daughter.  Jamie was burned from her first marriage ending poorly.  Danny has always been a playboy trying to make it in the acting world while teaching History at a rough Chicago School.

As both Jamie and Danny struggle to decide what to do with his challenge, they find things they did not even know they were missing or wanted to find.  They find fake seductions, ovulation kits, and a tarot card reading replacing condoms and birth control.  The challenge quickly becomes a life changing experience for both of them.

The story made me think that at a certain point in every mother’s life they start hoping for grandbabies, but most do not off to pay their child to have them.  I loved how Jamie and Danny both approach their mother’s challenge.  They found they had to choose between love and money and ended up becoming better people and more importantly better children to their mother.

Jackpot! Is a book I totally loved.  I found it addictive.  When having to stop reading, I found myself sneaking to read a page here and a page there.  Now that I have finished I am ready to read another of Jackie Pilossoph’s books.  The witty dialogue, from both Danny and Jamie’s point of view, the romance, the humor, and the wonderful characters are what catch my attention from page one.  Anyone looking for a quick easy read with a lot of fun should definitely pick up this book.

Reviewed by: Charlotte

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