Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Family Pieces by Misa Rush

This is a story about two women whose lives are forever changed after a car accident. Karson is a young college student who is excited to start her adult life. She is in love with her long time boyfriend, James and is already thinking about wedding dresses and setting up house. She is close to her family and lives on the same college campus as her older brother, Brad. Everything is going picture perfect in her life.
Addison runs a Magazine empire in New York City. She can have and do almost anything she wants, except allow herself to be loved by the man of her dreams. A dark secret holds Addison back and pushes her prove herself as a top-notch businesswomen.
After a fatal car accident, the lives of these two women are forever changed. Addison regrettably divulges a secret, while Karson finds her life in utter chaos and searching for answers. Not until all the pieces of the puzzle are together can the lives of these women move forward.
Let me start by saying I loved this book. I admit I felt a connection on a number of levels to this story (I don’t want to say what because I’ll be telling you too much of the story). Let’s just say I cried a number of times. I enjoyed how smooth and effortless this novel was to read, it flowed nicely moving in between the two lives of these women. There is mystery, heartache, loss and finding home—what a great recipe for a novel! If you are looking to read a good book, but don’t have a ton of time to read—this is your book!
I know I did not write much of a synopsis this time around and I’m sorry, but I feel like you just need to go read this for yourself.
This is Misa Rush’s debut novel and I am excited to see what she writes next! Check out her blog!


  1. Glad you loved the book! Thanks for participating in Misa's tour!

  2. Glad you loved it! If you are willing, I'd love for you to post the review on Amazon or BN, too! Thanks so much for reading!

  3. No problem, Misa! I had planned on doing it after lunch today plus I also add my reviews to goodreads, as well! :D