Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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Today I'd like to introduce to you writer, Karen McQuestion. She is the author of the novel A Scattered Life (as well as many others), which I will be posting a review for on Thursday of this week. I'm so excited for Karen to be joinging us here on A Novel Review today and answering what are:

THE 5 W'S OF Karen McQuestion

Who is Karen McQuestion.
Reader, writer, wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend—I’m all of these things, but that’s only part of the story. I live in the village of Hartland, Wisconsin on a quiet street in a modest-sized house.
If you’re asking about my personality, I can tell you that I’m a formerly shy child, who is now a fairly confident, outspoken adult, but it took me way too long to get from there to here. I love my nearly-grown kids beyond measure, but look forward to the day when they’re independent, so I can claim my time as my own (I hate to admit that). I second-guess myself constantly when it comes to well, everything. I’m definitely a work in progress.
What do you enjoy doing when your not writing?
Reading, watching movies, spending time with my kids, going on walks with my husband. I love traveling, but I also like time spent at home. Solitude energizes me, so the writer’s life is a good one for me.
When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
In third grade, my teacher, Mrs. DiFrances, read a story I’d written out loud to my class. Seeing their reaction, which was enthusiastic, clinched it for me. I was the shy kid who was terrible in gym and lacked confidence, but this was something I loved to do, and apparently I wasn’t too bad at it.
Where do you write?
I have a home office, but since I’ve gotten my laptop I either write at the Hartland Public Library or in a recliner in my living room.
Why do you write?
I love writing and I have an endless supply of ideas for stories, so for me the question is--why not? J

Thank-you so much for much for stopping here at A Novel Review, Karen!


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