Thursday, June 2, 2011

A PUG'S TALE By Alison Pace

Hope McNeill works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where they are throwing a Pug party. The party is in recognition of the very generous donor and pug lover, Daphne Markham for anticipated donation which is to be significant. Hope’s sweet pug, Max suddenly starts barking at the guest of honor—chaos ensues. Hope takes off up to her office, where she finds a painting not where it should be. A quick onceover she realizes she has stumbled onto a fake! The real masterpiece has been stolen!
A slew of characters and likely suspects are introduced. Gil Turner, who was in charge of the party, does not want word of such a scandal to compromise Ms. Markham’s donation. Then there is Elliot Death, her boss and former object of her affection—before she met Ben, her now boyfriend who happens to live or rather work in Kinshasa. When the threesomes uncover how the original artwork has been checked out by Elliot and Hope’s department, none of the three decide to call in the police. After they decide to bring in a private investigator, Hope soon realizes she herself is beginning to look like the only real suspect, so her and her trusty pug, Max go on a quest to solve the mystery.
Within the first few pages I was laughing. Max, the pug seems to notice little things Hope does not. The number of suspects grows, which I loved because I would constantly think oh yes he/she is the one only to say it again about the next suspect! While Hope is going through a scavenger hunt of clues, she realizes she needs to take more control over her own life and where it’s headed (hopefully not the clink). I have to say I loved how the story ended, loved the twist. I found this to be a fun, quick and enjoyable read. I wasn’t sure how the whole pug story would work, but I really rather enjoyed it. I best wait a few days before going to a pet store; I suddenly want a pug dog!
If you are looking for a light read I would recommended this! Due out June 7! Pre-order your copy today!

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