Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Scattered Life by Karen McQuestion

This is a story of three women who remind us, “there’s a lot of love out there…if you’ll just let people into your life…open your heart” (254). For me, this book opened up a deep wound and shed light on an area of my life I keep very closed off. What an awesome message. This was for me to open my heart up to other women and to allow myself the benefits of those relationships. I need to cast off my fears of abandonment and let love in.
--oh wait I was supposed to be writing a book review!
Skyla Plinka has spent her whole life scattered around the country until she falls for steady and reliable Thomas, in rural Wisconsin. Together they build the life she dreamed about, but as her daughter begins school Skyla becomes restless and wanting more. She ends up finding a part-time job at a local New Age bookstore and making a new friend with her neighbor, Roxanne Bear.
Audrey Plinka is Thomas’ mother who never really warmed up to Skyla as her daughter-in-law. Skyla does not fit the picture of the wife she had expected Thomas would choose. With her own children grown she now fills her time sneaking—I mean watching over her family and she is not happy about Skyla’s new friend.
Roxanne Bear is the fun loving new neighbor with 5 boys (and counting). Her beautiful home is disheveled and her kids are wild, but Roxy couldn’t be prouder or happier with her life well maybe with a few more kids (and a daughter would be perfect).
Over the next year these three women learn what it means to love unconditionally.
A Scattered Life is a glimpse into the lives of three everyday women in Pellswick, WI. As I was reading this novel, it reminded me how most extraordinary stories are those based in reality. These three women could be anyone. I personally related to all of them on some level. I really enjoyed getting to know each of the women’s stories and motivations. As the story progresses friendships are built, jealous grows, heartbreaking tragedy occurs and they learn how deal with life changing events…finding the best in themselves and those around them.
I really liked the novel. I did notice some areas where I thought there was going to be some story development, but I don’t feel it took anything away by not developing them. The story flowed a little awkward at first having Skyla moving forward and the first Chapter where we get to know Audrey goes backwards to where Skyla starts. With that said, this is a book worth reading. For most of the book I enjoyed it, but wasn’t really sure where it was headed (and I was ok with it). I’ll tell you though when tragedy occurs in the book, McQuestion’s writing stood out as real--raw. I felt I was right there in the room, right there in those moments with them. I have personally delt with a very similar situation with someone I loved and it took me right back to those moments. I was sobbing while reading this book. This is an author you should be reading!

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