Monday, June 25, 2012

THE FIVE W’S Of Anita Hughes

I am so very excited to welcome Anita Hughes to A Novel Review! Anita's debut book is Monarch Beach out June 2012 and is already getting early praise. Without further ado...


WHO?  I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia so I’ve always been a beach girl. I’m happy that again I’m living next to the ocean. It’s so calming - you get addicted to seeing it everyday. Besides being a writer, mostly I’m a wife and mother. I love being with my children, whether it is as their chauffeur, or school lunch maker, or just curling up with them on the sofa.

WHAT? What do you enjoy doing other than writing in your spare time? I love to walk along the beach, I love eating frozen yoghurt, but mostly I like to read! Sundays I read the Sunday New York Times for hours, the rest of the week I read tons of novels. I also love a great movie - especially one that tells a good story.

WHEN? When did you know you wanted to be a writer? I won a nationwide writing contest sponsored by THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper when I was eight. A photographer came to our house to take my picture (I had a coconut haircut - not very flattering) and the headline read "Australia’s Next Best Writers." That was pretty heady for an eight year old. Of course, it was years before I saw my name in print again, but at that point I became pretty determined.

WHERE? Where do you write? I write at my laptop, sitting on the love seat in my bedroom. It doesn’t get the internet so there are no distractions (though sometimes I check my emails on my phone). I can see the sunset from the window, and it’s glorious.

WHY? Why do you write? I write because it can be even more fun than reading! I love to create new characters and I feel very protective of them. I love to slip into their world - hours can go by when I’m writing and I forget the real world.

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Thank-you so much Anita for joining us here at A Novel Review! I couldn't agree more about living by the Ocean! We lived in Rhode Island for a short time...just a walk up the street to the beach, ocean views wherever we went...I miss it so much.

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