Monday, June 11, 2012

The Lost Daughter by Lucy Ferris + Giveaway

While in high school Brooke finds herself unexpectedly pregnant.  Alex, her high school sweetheart, finds himself in the horrible place of having to deliver prematurely the baby in a seedy hotel room.  Having hidden the pregnancy no one realizes that they just dispose of the newborn.

Fifteen years later, Brooke is married and has a daughter with her husband, Sean.   Alex is recently divorced after suffering the death of his young son.  Neither Alex nor Brooke have shared the burden of their secret with anyone else in the lives.  His reappearance in her life has begun to threaten her current life.  Brooke and Alex must not confront what they have been unable to face.   While searching for the truth Brooke finds what she believed to have happen to not be the whole truth.  In finding the truth, Brooke and Alex both find the strength to move forward with their lives and find the happiness they both have denied themselves.

The emotions in this novel tugged at my heart from the very first page. The relationships between all the characters were very painful and felt extremely real.  I felt myself being pulled deeper and deeper in Brooke and Sean’s family problems.  Feeling Brookes fear and pain as she searches for the truth of what happen to her baby that horrible night in the hotel and her fear in how her husband and family will react to knowing what happen.  The Lost Daughter is amazing.  Such sensitive subjects being brought up so tastefully and carefully.  If you enjoy and great read with a deep and beautifully written story this is a book for you.
Reviewed by: Charlotte

Here's your chance to win a copy of The Lost Daughter! We have one copy to giveaway to someone with a US address! The winner will need to respond to our email within 48 hours and no PO boxes. Good-luck!


“The Lost Daughter delivers the goods: flawed but sympathetic characters and a plot that will keep readers turning the pages voraciously. From its harrowing prologue to its final sentences, I was emotionally engaged with this fine novel.  Ferriss is a masterful storyteller.”
—Wally Lamb, New York Times bestselling author of The Hour I First Believed,
She’s Come Undone and I Know This Much is True
“[A] powerful domestic novel.”
—Kirkus Reviews
“The Lost Daughter is a complex, engaging novel about guilt, secrecy, and the mysteries of family. Lucy Ferriss is a courageous and thought-provoking writer.”
—Tom Perrotta, New York Times bestselling author of The Abstinence Teacher,
Little Children and The Leftovers
“…[A]n emotionally riveting story of reliving mistakes, seeking redemption, and finally facing the consequences of a difficult decision….Ferriss infuses the story with a heady dose of realism….The Lost Daughter manages to be a romantic family novel with a palpable atmosphere of impending calamity.”


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