Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hangers, Shoeboxes, and Love by Zizi Sadie

Abby’s life is to this point is all about fashion and partying.  She has been dating a married man, Kess.  At the club one night she meets Sesan, Kess’ son, who happens to fall for her.  To make things more complicated it seems Abby’s younger sister is falling for Sesan.  To further complicate things, Abby and Kess’ wife meet each other at a party and Abby experiences the taste of scourn from a married woman.   Will Abby manage to get her life back in order and off the rollercoaster?

I loved Abby’s carefree outlook on life.  Her party today deal with the outcome tomorrow attitude is a way of life many of us should incorporate into our everyday life, just maybe not to the extreme that Abby does.

I do feel that Abby is self centered.  She admits to not knowing anything about her friends’ personal lives.  Especially evident when her friend tells her she is pregnant and Abby did not even know that there was a boyfriend in her life.  Yet Abby seems to have no real problem calling them at any hour and bringing them into her life and problems.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy read, check out Hangers, Shoeboxes, and Love by Zizi Sadie.

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Reviewed by Charlotte

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