Monday, August 13, 2012

Free Gift with Purchase by Jackie Pilossoph

Emma, a widow with a young daughter, has not accepted her husbands death or that the last words she said to him were “I hate you!”  She has been a stay at home mom since Sam died in a car accident after their fight.  Her stress relief is make different types of salsa,which becomes important later in the novel.

Laura, a successful doctor with a grown daughter, is married to a cheating husband, Alan.  Alan soon files for divorce to marry his much younger girlfriend.  This forces Laura to move in with Emma. Laura also starts going out on dates with many interesting men.

Laura and Emma’s dad is cheating on their mother.  Their mother soon moves into Emma’s also to take a break from their dad and find out if she can forgive him or if the marriage is over.

All three ladies are suddenly single.  They all start dating diffent types of men hoping to find someone to make them happy.  The differences between Laura and Emma, as they both become single parents in their fourties, are so fun to watch.  They are truly best friends and have each others best interests at heart.

Free Gift with Purchase is such a different story than Jackpot! But just as captivating.  Although I’m not a widow, I could relate especially to Emma who went on dates with so many “bad apples”, while already knowing the man she who can make her happy.  Many of the “bad apples” made me smile and giggle, as I could relate.   Laura’s men are not so much “bad apples” but men that did not have the same life goals as she did.  I loved how the sisters and their mother all supported each other with each failure or success they had.   That made me really appreciate my sister and mom, who also support me daily with everything I do, whether they agree or not.

This is a novel that anyone with a sister or mother should read.  It shows how a family, even when being put through trials, can and should stick together.  The laughs and tears shared are truly uplifting.

Reviewed by Charlotte

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