Thursday, August 23, 2012

Letter from a Stranger by Barbara Taylor Bradford

A letter postmarked from Istanbul arrives at Justine Nolans mothers’ house in Connecticut.  Knowing that it will be months before her mom, Deborah, returns, Justine opens the letter.  Little did she know how the letter will change her life.

The letter is written by Justine’s grandmother’s best friend asking for an end to the estrangement between Deborah and Justine’s grandmother, Gabrielle.  The letter begs Deborah to let Gabrielle meet her grandkids before it is too late.  Justine shares the letter with her fraternal twin, Richard, and it is decided that Justine should travel to Istanbul and find her long lost grandmother.

Letter from a Stranger was different than any other Barbara Taylor Bradford book I had read.  Although it still has a female main character.  The descriptions of Istanbul were amazing.  I could truly see the scenes as they were told in the story.   I could see myself walking the streets of Istanbul during World War II.

The little bit of romance in the book made it impossible for me to put down.  This is definitely a great read and I would easily recommend it to any fellow book lover.

Reviewed by Charlotte

Barbara Taylor Bradford

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