Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where We Belong By Emily Giffin Reviewed by Laura Kay

An 18 year old Kirby Rose loves her family, but often feels like an outsider.  After years of wondering who her birth mother is—who she is, she is now legally old enough to receive the information.

Marian Caldwell is a successful television producer in New York. She’s been dating Peter for a few years and she is ready for marriage and babies. Her life is perfect or so she thinks. When the daughter she gave away 18 years ago shows up on her door step late one night, Marian begins to realize her new life has been built around lies.

Where We Belong gives a back and forth perspective on this mother and daughter, it also includes flashbacks to Marian when she was 18. As the two get to know one another and the lives they lead, they also embark on a journey of self discovery and while trying to right the wrongs of Marian’s past.
By far my favorite Emily Giffin novel to date and I have loved every one of her books. I really related to young Marian. In the early 1990’s (and in N.IL-ha!), I was faced with a teenage pregnancy. Even though I choice the option to parent, I have also wondered what if I had decided adoption instead. How would my life, his life been different—better? Worse?

The only criticism I would have of Where We Belong, is I would have liked to see a deeper side to Marian. The subject matter was so serious and over such a long span of time it would have been nice to see some deeper emotions. I felt Kirby was so very well written! She was dealing with all this crazy adult stuff and sometimes she seemed so grown-up, but then her teenage personality would come out (so very much like a teenage girl!).

I’d say this is a beautiful story of the love of adoption…the gift of life. Where We Belong is a believable story. Kirby’s mother, wanting to support her daughter’s search, while holding back her own pain and fears. Marian is dealing with so many confused and mixed feelings, while Kirby tries to figure it all out plus figure out her future. They are all struggling to find their place.

Where We Belong…is what everyone wants to know.

So do I recommend it? Ummm YEAH!! It’s almost Friday, so make sure you download it or go buy at your local bookstore! I loved Where We Belong it was so worth the wait! I just can’t believe I have to wait for Emily’s next Book! Or movie!!!
Want to get to know Emily Giffin better? 

Have you read all her books? If you haven't make sure you do!


  1. Great review! I have this book sitting on my shelf, waiting for me to pick it up! Hopefully soon!

  2. My mom and I want to read this one. It's your favorite Emily Giffin?! Cool, must be very good! :)

  3. I like Emily Giffin books...when I want a quick read I usually pick up her books. I haven't read this one but I enjoyed love the one you're with..